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TagTech aims to provide cost effective and innovative solutions for events and long term use using technology such as RFID, QR and barcodes to ease the management of payments, assets and people.

With a growing demand for greater security and ease in operations, ImpressionsID in partnership with MaxDigi have developed turnkey solutions in the space of access control and cashless payments solutions. We now provide end to end solutions for events and food courts.

You can now procure your NFC, UHF or Barcoded or QR code cards, wristbands or any other wearable's from us along with the end to end software and hardware well suited to run any scale of event or long term project.

For further information on printables and wearable's do visit www.impressionsid.com

Use Cases

  • NFC (RFID) Payment System: Wine Festival

    NFC Cashless Payments

    For The Sula Fest 2019, the key was security and simplicity. Over 2 days, users topped up and spent money on food and wine using their RFID cards. 

    Multiple food vendors with varying menus were set up and trained along with the Sula team who used the system to track their wine sales.

    Click here to view the event: TagTech Cashless Payments at Sula Fest 2019

  • UHF Attendance Tracking for Events

    Using UHF wireless readers mounted strategically, we are able to track the attendance of delegates while they entered the venue uninterrupted, providing live updates on delegate movement, completely offline.

    Long-range attendance tracking works best for events that have VIP movement and wish to have an uninterrupted flow of guests into the event, yet maintaining a track of those entering seamlessly.

    Click here to view the event: TagTech Long Range RFID UHF Attendance Management: JRD QV 2018

  • NFC Payment: Wine Festival
  • UHF Long Range Attendance


At TagTech, we primarily use RFID, both long range UHF and short range NFC, based on the use case. We also use QR codes and barcodes when RFID does not add significant value and a lower cost alternative is required.

  • Barcode Solutions

    • Event Access Control

    • Event Attendance Tracking

    • Barcode Ticketing for Events

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  • QR CODE Solutions

    • Asset Tracking System

    • Access Control System

    • Data Exchange System

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  • RFID Solutions

    • Cashless Payments System

    • Short Range NFC Access Control

    • UHF Long Range Attendance Tracking 

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