The Complete Guide to Organizing Cashless Events

Cashless events are the future of the event organization industry. There will soon be a time when event attendees will expect every event to be cashless. Cashless events are a boon for the event organizers, vendors, and guests. Most modern events have already gone cashless and through this post, we aim to show you how you can integrate cashless payments into your next event or festival. 

Events with cashless payment systems have shorter queues, happier vendors, lower labor costs, and most importantly, satisfied guests. No one likes waiting in long queues just to purchase a quick bite to eat or to buy some merchandise. Every minute spent waiting in a queue is a minute where the guest is not enjoying the event. There’s also the issue of cash transactions requiring change to be returned as guests can’t be expected to carry change with them at all times. This adds to the vendors’ voes and increases their workload.

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Now let’s talk about how you can integrate our cashless payment solutions into your next event.

What You Need

No extra crew members are required to organize cashless events. You can hire the same crew that you would have hired for a regular event. We will arrive at your event before it starts, and provide the basic training needed to the crew members to ensure the smooth operation of your event. We will also be present at your event for as long as required, to ensure that your crew has no difficulties in performing their tasks.

All you need to do is decide whether you want your event to be cashless through the use of RFID cards, or RFID wristbands. Most events and festivals have wristbands anyway, so non-transferable RFID wristbands are a great solution to integrate cashless payments into your event. RFID cards, on the other hand, are great if you want to show off your company logo along with other details about your organization.

The last thing you need to do is to provide us a list of your food menu and merchandise, along with prices. This way we can ensure that the RFID devices are set up before we even arrive at your event. This will lead to the devices being ready for use without any delays on the day of your event.

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What We Provide

We will provide the RFID wristbands or RFID cards as per your requirement. We will also bring as many RFID payment devices as required, based on the scale of your event, along with us. When we arrive at the event, we will help you set up the cashier and vendor counters by training the crew for their respective jobs. Our training process is extremely simple and easy to understand.

The cashier devices only perform cashier functions and vendor devices only perform vendor functions. This makes the devices much easier to use for the crew. Once trained, we will stand by the crew throughout the event and ensure that they have no difficulties in operating the devices. Our devices will operate offline throughout the event this ensures that connectivity issues do not ruin the experience at your event.

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The Cashiers

The cashiers are the members of the crew who will be in charge of accepting payment from the guests and providing them with the RFID cards or Wristbands. They will also be in charge of recharging these wristbands and cards as and when the guests require. This entire process is done through an extremely simple user interface and a record of every transaction is available.

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The Vendors

Each vendor will be given an RFID device containing the menu of the items being sold in their stall. The vendors only have to scan the guest’s card or wristband and provide the food item or merchandise to the guests. The vendors never have to handle any cash or credit cards. They never have to worry about returning change to customers as the exact amount required will be debited each time from the guest’s card or wristband.

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The Guests

The guests will enjoy events with cashless payments as they do not have to worry about their wallets all the time. They can add money to their card or wristband when they arrive at the event and then use that to pay for everything they need throughout the event without having to wait in long queues to purchase food or merchandise. This leads to guests spending more money at the events as it becomes less of a hassle to make payments. They can also recharge their card or wristband at any time by visiting the cashier counter. Shorter queues and hassle-free payments lead to happier guests.

The Organizer

The organizer of the event has to perform no extra tasks. In spite of this, we have found that cashless payment systems are most beneficial to the organizers. This is because a record of each transaction is available. This ensures that no theft takes place and also provides valuable data analytics to the organizer for their next event. Customized RFID wristbands or RFID cards are also great items for brand promotion and ensure that the guests remember your brand even after your event is over.

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Increase your revenue, shorten your queues, and add security to your event by integrating our cashless payment solutions into it. From providing the RFID devices to training the crew and ensuring that every transaction goes through without any difficulty, we will be there to ensure the smooth operation of your entire event. Cashless payments are the future, and with our solutions, you will be able to step into that future with minimum efforts from you or your crew.

TagTech has provided cashless solutions to a large number of extremely popular events such as the VIVO IPL. We would love to help you take your events to the next level and leave a lasting impression on your guests as they enjoy your event without any hassles. Contact us today!

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